domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Spoiler 4 Issue

To be a model:

Real name:
Stardoll Name:
Favorite things:
Because you must choose?


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  1. Gorgeous spoiler, I love this!

    Is there any way to apply as a model?

  2. Real name:Lissy
    Stardoll Name:Punk_Lissy
    Favorite things:beeing creative, sd-modeling, sitting outside in the garden reading a book and drinking a lemonade, going out with my friends, care about my pets, my little sister...
    Because you must choose? I'm fresh,unique, openminded and creative, there aren't any problems while working with me, I've got some experience ( and I'm familia with Vanity because I'm following it for quite a long time now - I LOVE it, it's other than the other magazines, like I'm other than other models;) So why not choosing me?;)

  3. Real name: Kirsten

    Stardoll Name: sparklewand12

    Favorite things: Fashion, shopping, sports, exercising, Stardoll, blogging, graphics, cooking, food, hanging out with friends, studying :)

    Because you must choose?: My look is quite different to others, I think I have quite a clean face, I haven't been used much as a model, so I'm a new face on the scene. I like to think I'm always friendly, and I get on with pretty much everyone! Here are two headshots:

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity! And I just love the graphics, they are just stunning!

    Love K xxx

  4. ~Real name: Lily Ledie
    ~Stardoll Name: MissLiLLyLo
    ~Favorite things: Well, fashion definitely, shopping, modelling, computer to be honest, parfumes, makeup, face beauty masks, making outfits, going to cinema, my pet, graphics.
    ~Because you must choose? I am sure there are lot's of reasons. I have experiences with modeling in fashion lines and magazines. I have two blogs about Stardoll, one is even a beauty blog, so I know lot's of things about that. I always loved modeling and working with people in that way. I know Vanity for a really long time ... My medoll's look really matches many styles and poses, I wanted to make it that way, and I suceed. I always loved modelling for magazines or lines.
    At the end, spoiler is just fantastic, seriously. Thank you for amaizingopportunity, I can't wait to see the issue.

    Greetings, Lily.

  5. Real name: Amanda Lucy
    Stardoll Name: LadyGaGaMcQueen
    Favorite things: Everything about stardoll... such as Fame, Fashion and Friends.
    Because you must choose?
    I just think I should because my face is good! :D

  6. Real name: Elle Rose
    Stardoll Name: RockinEllee
    Favorite things: Fashion, Music, & stardoll graphics!
    Because you must choose? This is an amazing opportunity for me as a model. I also think at this is a great magazine that will help my carrer as a stardoll model.

  7. Real name: Vanessa
    Stardoll Name: dbc202
    Favorite things: Fashion,Stardoll,BLogging,Summer and more
    Because you must choose?Well I think this is an amazing opportunity. And well im up for it and im responsible..

  8. Real name:Αnna
    Stardoll Name:ion-stella
    Favorite things:dancing, swimming(sea),stardoll,summer,maths(omgg!!)
    Because you must choose?:i dont know...i just want to be something on stardoll life...i like blogs with good graphics so one is your's!!!!!

  9. Nombre real: GLORIA MELISSA
    Stardoll Nombre: NEIT_

  10. Real Name: Caitlin
    Stardoll Name: Meyla_17
    Favorite Things: I like sing, read magazine, see gossip girl, create fashion, models, and.. of course, Stardoll.
    Because you must choose? : i think that i am a fashion girl, and.. see me in that magazine is an honor for me, i love it (: And modeling is a dream for me, i love modeling and fashion as you know.

  11. Real name: Gabrielle Evans
    Stardoll Name: MusicGirl505
    Favorite things: Fashion Stardoll My Family My Friends
    Because you must choose? well im a fresh and uniqe , i have the style and look for model so why not?

  12. Real name: Saskia Esty
    Stardoll Name: pinkioriginal
    Favorite things:

    Bubblegum, Highlights, iPods, Puppy's, Starbucks, Retro Sunglasses, Owl Jewellery O.O, French Manicures, Vogue, Boots, Shagbands, Memories and Underwear

    Because you must choose?

    Im Brand Spankingly New, when I sat down and made my stardoll I made a part of me, something that I thought would be fun and enjoyable and then knowing that a creative artist (you) could make a graphic with your imagination and originality plus my doll (my creation of originality and creativity) put together would be AMAZING and what makes it better is that we could call it ours <3

  13. Real name: Sofija Ivanic
    Stardoll Name: Sta988
    Favorite things: Fashion, reading blogs, synchronized swimming, cherry ice-cream :3
    Because you must choose? I'm a new face to Stardoll modeling and I'm trying to expand my career. It is hard sometime considering the "well known" always get chosen, but I'm hoping you're looking for fresh and new girls. If the answer is yes, then I would be the perfect choice! :]

  14. Real name: Chloe Davis
    Stardoll Name: Rhfcjnrf
    Favorite things: Fashion (of course!), writing, graphic design, friends, and art!
    Because you must choose? Here's my model porfolio:

  15. Real name: Camila
    Stardoll username:Starminimon
    Favorite things: Stardoll-modeling,sketching,And reading fashion magazines.

    Because you most choose? Because i think my medoll fit and have what it it takes to model for this magazine.

  16. Real name:Henessy Diamond
    Stardoll Name:gabby1822
    Favorite things:modeling,singing,playing guitar,shopping,volleyball,tennis and living life to the foolest!
    Because you must choose?
    I am versatile and I would fit into your magazine for whatever you would need.I can fit the mold and it would be an honor to be represented in this magazine.It's my dream :)

  17. Real name: Megan Fiorelle

    Stardoll Name: momijigal911

    Favorite things: Fashion, modelling, writing, designing, photography and art.

    Because you must choose? (my portfolio)

    It's not big but I try so hard and to get a big break is tougher in this world now.
    - I'm soo sorry this application is late, I totally forgot about it, please accept it.

    Thank you.

  18. Real name: Aurélie

    Stardoll name: Aurelieke92

    Favorites: Shopping, Yoga, Meditation, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Stardoll album, Gossip Girl, Chanel and PHOTOGRAPHY ♥♥

    Why: I just made a totally new look: from boyish to classy. I shop now in 'Bonjour Bizou' and 'Descades' because i love coco chanel.
    In reality i'm a model, and it seems fun to be in a virtual world model.
    I think my new style would fit this magazine, but that's ofcourse your chose.

    Good luck everyone!
    xoxo, -Aurélie ♥

  19. Real name:Grainne
    Stardoll Name:HELLOKITTYROX12
    Favorite things:Pink,fashion, Singing and basketball
    Because you must choose? Because my doll is alrightits not the most amazing in the world and all but i like it, mabey take a look at it? I was super star for 18 moths but its ended ;(

  20. Real name: Katarina
    Stardoll Name: luckygirl-lucy
    Favorite things: Stardoll, Chanel, Dior , Elle, modelling, Harry Potter, Anime, shopping, parfumes.
    Because you must choose? Well, I'm not sure am I going to win , but I really would like to. I play this game 6-7 years but I made my stardoll accout 2 years ago. I really love fashion, Im fashion victim , hahahaha. I was superstar once . The last thing I can say is if I don't win , Im glad I'm participated.

  21. I'd like to model for Vanity but not if my doll will always be almost naked :L
    And what is that vertical line on her stomach? :S

  22. Real name : Karolina
    Stardoll Name: lovinjudas
    Favorite things: Reading, and drawing. Making graphics is also on my list, and maybe playing music.
    Because you must choose? Portfolio -

    lovinjudas xxx :)